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We are delighted to introduce ourselves as a Elite Professional Brand identity & Web Design & Development Company. Our core expertise on latest trend & technology with hands on experience to provide professional and quality results. We offer Brand Identity, Theme Customization, Responsive Website Design & Development, CMS & E-Commerce Solution.

We will try our best to answer your question about installation and technical support for the template as much as possible. If we are unable to answer your question, we will refer you to the maker of the template. We can not provide free customization support on Installation, hosting and custom support changes to the structure of template (such as changes in the source code, adding extra and dynamic features) and on software/plugins from the third parties.

Template Modifying (Customization)

Did you buy a template and do you want to adjust the template, but do you not have the time or simply the skills? Then we offer various web design solutions to customize the chosen template to your wishes. For example, you can have your logo inserted, the color palette adjusted, or the template installed by us.

You can also come to us for larger adjustments, such as completing the website or inserting web shop functionality. Do you want the template to be adjusted by us? Tell us your wishes, we will then send you a free quotation.This way you save a lot of time and costs while still choosing high quality and a professional look.

Webdesign Templates from themesfarm.com, guarantee for success

With more than 30,000 templates, we offer endless possibilities to give your website a unique twist. Once you have chosen a template, it will be delivered within 15 minutes. So you can start creating your new website today.

The templates are suitable for countless possibilities. Is not the desired design in between? Please contact our customer service for advice, we are happy to help you.With Themesfarm.com you are assured of a professional and high-quality website, without this unnecessarily time and money!

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