Themesfarm Features Walkthrough
We constantly improve our themes with new features and funtionality
to power your website needs


Welcome to our community of Themesfarm Elite WordPress Club!

Hamber Web Essentials (HWE) Frameworks is our well researched, defined & carefully crafted framework loaded with tons of features and functionalities which are very much essential to facilitate your theme development with minimum effort. All our WordPress Themes are packed with HWE Frameworks for easy customization of layout color, fonts, responsive slider, buttons, accordions and features like custom posts for profiles, case studies and gallery with other highly essential rich features & compatibile with all major browers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE7+ etc). We believe in exeeding your expectations.

To get you started, we prefer to keep our Framework simple and easy to understand. We constantly improve our Framework with new features and funtionality to power your adminstration Tool.

Note: Theme Options vary from one theme to another depending on features & functionalities

Layout Styling

These general option settings allow you to style your layout.


Features of background addition varies from theme to theme

SEO & SMO Setting

These SEO option settings allow you to enter Page Title, Keywords, Page Description

These Social Media optimization option settings allow you to add icons and links of your choice

Header Settings

Header being the first visible section of your website that showcases your brand Logo. These setting helps you upload and customize your Logo with preview option.

Header background setting options varies from theme to theme design

Slider Setup

These option setting helps you add Images, Taglines, buttons and links on your sliding banners. Amazing feature of the slider is you can select various Transition effects from the drop list and customze for your requirement.

Footer Setup

Footer being the one of the essential section consists of footer background and Logo addition (optional for any affiliate programs) with copyright and other vital menu links etc.

Footer - Themesfarm


Content being the king of any website success. Font choice and color theme become the soul of all settings. These option setting provides control over Font, Size and Color for content used across different section

Themesfarm -Typography




Profiles section being integral part of any company, this particular section can be classified to individual profiles & Project profiles. Create profiles, delete profiles. Themes are crafted to have options of profile custom post setting, keeping in mind both developers and non coders to make editing process easy and simple.



This section would ideally host and display logo images of partners or clientele, where in you can updated images and link them from backend easily.

Themesfarm - Partner

Testimonials/Case Studies

This section being a formal statement to testify positive virtues of product or services render by any company or individual, i.e. a satisified customer recommendation for promotional activities. This feature varies from theme to theme and can be customized and edited from backed easily.

Themesfarm - Testimonials

Gallery Setting

This section allows you to Upload & exhibit your best works. You can easily add, delete or edit information & images from backend easily. This feature format varies from theme to theme.

Themesfarm - Gallery

Additional Settings

Additional settings are extra features this feature format varies from theme to theme, example displayed below is a promotional section custom post with Left and right Container custom posts. These addtional features are included as we are all about passion for user experience.

Themesfarm- Additional Settings

Free Support is part of service to all our members who purchased single theme subscription or all theme subscription. It’s easier than ever to get going.


  • Complete Documentation for Installations guidance
  • Framework features guidance
  • Bug fixing & general problem associated with themes features only.

Not included

  • Adding New features which is not part of current theme
  • Color changes, Logo change, image change or content addition
  • New plugin integration
  • Customizing theme for your requirement

Response Time

After the initial responsive related to any query or bug to fix, we would get back to you within 48 to 72 hours. If any major issues or problems needs to be addressed we shall explain and keep you intemated on the status.

Request a quote today- One of our team member will reach out to say hello and gather more details about the requirements which helps to offer a customized quote that fits your specific need and budget.